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The future of healthcare is patient-centric, connected, and driven by innovation, and innovative digital strategies are changing the way healthcare is delivered.

Our team is able to provide you with integrated solutions that blend the latest & most successful clinical and technological trends. Harness the power of data to deliver high quality care and improved outcomes at affordable costs.

Medical Providers

We can help you craft the best solution for your business that will incorporate the best connected devices and a seamless patient data monitoring experience through customized, EHR integrated, portals that structure and present all patient data in most efficient and practical manner. From private practitioners to hospitals, we’ll work with you to create the solution that truly matches your needs.

Chronic Disease Management

We’ve partnered with KeborMed to provide access to their chronic disease monitoring solutions, which are easily scalable and provide great flexibility to both providers and patients, for improved results and reduced costs.

You choose the parameters you need to follow, your patients choose the connected devices they want to use, we do the rest.

Connected Devices

We can assist you with improving your connected device or we can take your device from a traditional medical device to a connected medical device that will transform your customer experience.

We have partnered with KeborMed to become an implementation arm for its Connected Care PaaS, to assist you at every level from prototyping to deploying your validated medical device on the market. 

Medication Adherence

Poor adherence to medication among patients with chronic illnesses leads to morbidity exacerbation and death, imposing costs between $100B and $290B on the healthcare system in the US alone.

Medication adherence is a complicated problem, one that players in the healthcare industry across the world are trying to fix, and tech enabled solutions will play a significant role in tackling this universal problem. Providing your patients with the right digital solution could significantly improve their outcomes and overall health.

Consulting services 

We understand the specific challenges players in the healthcare industry are facing, as well as the many ways in which tech solutions for healthcare differ from generic solutions that can be applied across industries.

We’ve developed our process by engaging with diverse players in the Healthcare industry, working side by side with them and building solutions that provide real answers to real problems. We’ve also engaged medical consultants and advisors to help us understand the system, the process, and how to address real pain points for healthcare providers and patients alike. 


Patient privacy is at the core of everything we do, and we integrate our knowledge in every healthcare solution we develop.

Beyond providing our clients with privacy-compliant solutions across the board, we provide consulting services to help you evaluate your current internal practices and processes and how they impact your compliance with enacted and upcoming regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR, and how you can improve them to achieve full compliance.

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